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Nexus and the sales tax snowball-into-avalanche

Spending Bill Extends Energy Incentives For Commercial Building Owners

#JimmyTalk: How to find a Qualified Opportunity Zone fund

Rodefer Moss names Heather Kelch Partner

Preparing to file this year’s taxes? Don’t forget to think ahead.

Directly speaking, indirect costs directly affect construction contractors

6 Financial Guidelines Critical to the Success of your Board Members

New or old, fraud schemes have one goal: your money

RM promotes Borne to Supervisor, Manager of E-Accounting Service

New deep and wide lease reporting rules, for transparency’s sake

#JimmyTalk: Opportunity (zones) may be knocking

The MMO to avoid the scene of a construction fraud crime

#JimmyTalk: Classify employees correctly or it's a long way to fall

SCOTUS smacks down North Carolina trust tax attempt

Don't ride into accounting trouble

#JimmyTalk: The IRS targets taxes owed on cryptocurrencies

#JimmyTalk: A benchmarking tool for nonprofits spells out top issues



Ten Questions Construction Contractors should ask an Accounting Firm

The Best Solutions for Late Payment Problems with Construction Contractors

Heavy Equipment Rental Excise Tax

Rodefer Moss joins forces with Fortner Smalley and Thrower, Blanton & Associates

The TCJA and the disappearing parking deduction

Passwords. Everyone hates them, but we all need them.


JimmyTalk: Your money translates to your retirement life




Important Tax Dates for Small Businesses in Tennessee

JimmyTalk: New Rules for Construction Revenue Recognition

The PCAOB: Clarifying Audit Standards

401(k) expenses and how to pay them with greatest benefit

Is your Non-Profit compliant with ASU 2016-14?

Do you qualify for the largest incentive included in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Creation act?

Charitable Contributions Under The TCJA

Change With Changing Tax Laws To Save Money

National Outlook for Construction Industry

Is running a nonprofit with a for-profit vision the new normal?

Price Increases Expected For Construction Industry 2019

Charitable Contributions from an IRA

IRS Needs Proof Your Hobby Business Is Turning a Real Profit

Impacts of Tax Reform on GAAP Financials

Mileage rates to increase in 2019

S Corp owners should reconsider 2018 year-end bonuses

Benefits of Using Construction Accounting Software

Year-end Tax Planning for Businesses and Individuals

Kentucky Small Business Tax Credit

Tax Reform impacts on new per diem numbers

Identifying and overcoming common nonprofit challenges

Looking to increase your tax deductions?

New online sales tax implications effective for some states, approaching for others

IRAs and RMDs: When can more mean less?

Strategize your gift giving initiatives this year

Follow The Right Steps to Dissolve a Company

Three accounting basics for the construction industry

Small Business Tax Deductions Under Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

What to do when the "IRS" is calling you

Construction Material Costs On The Rise In 2018

Now is a good time for a tax checkup

Emilee Riehn named newest Rodefer Moss partner

Management Perspective: Wearable Technology Will Change Construction

Tax Reform impacts meals & entertainment deductions

IRS Cracking Down On Cryptocurrency

National Market Update

2018, a good time to grow a business?

Accounting internal controls: avoid an unfortunate lesson

Fraud protection a must for construction industry

Top 10 Things Companies Need to Know about Tax Reform

Economists expect modest growth for construction industry in 2018

Jimmy Rodefer: First quarter a good time for S-Corp compensation restructuring

REITs see major win with Tax Reform among other industry changes

Nonprofits: The new kids on the blockchain

Impacts of Tax Reform to the Manufacturing Industry

Contractors, don’t wait to act on revenue recognition

Business expenses for employees no longer deductible 

Tax Reform is here, so what's next for nonprofits?

JimmyTalk: Don't be deceived by identity theft

Tax Reform for Individual Taxpayers

Tax Reform and how it could affect payroll

Year-end planning information for businesses

College donors could lose tax deduction

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act brings year-end tax planning changes

Should I hire a CFO for my construction company or outsource?

What's the best way to transition a family-owned business?

JimmyTalk: Battle lines are forming on Trump's tax reform proposal

Tennessee's Hall income tax repeal schedule

Employee Benefit Plan sponsor? Here's a few acronyms you should know

New rules for financial statement audit reports

Jimmy Rodefer: Economic optimism increasing in the U.S. and Tennessee

The Equifax data breach and what you should do about it

Use of new I-9 Form now required by law

Financial and forensic auditors: the same, but different

PropTech - is 2017 the year things change for the property industry?

Separating accounting duties is key for preventing fraud

Board Governance: A Board Member’s Perspective

Three critical privacy issues every nonprofit should consider

Keeping your driver's license number safe could help prevent tax fraud

Jimmy Rodefer: Sales tax refunds still available for wildfire homeowners

In criminal cases, the IRS is the house, and the house (usually) wins

Update on Federal Tax Reform

Dodd-Frank vs. Financial CHOICE: Washington’s latest financial Act

Are you ready for an IRS audit?

Jimmy Rodefer: How to be rid of retirement anxiety

Does my home office qualify as a tax deduction?

IRS lists "Dirty Dozen" Tax Scams

IRS unveils limits for employer-provided vehicles

The battle begins over Dodd-Frank

Jimmy Rodefer: IRAs are a taxing decision

FASB updates not-for-profit reporting rules

Cybersecurity: A business threat for Contractors

Now is a great time to review your internal controls

FASB issues update on definition of a business

Records retention: what you need to know

Fraud prevention this tax season

Jimmy Rodefer: Better means for better roads?

National Construction Outlook - Q1 2017

Construction Costs - Q1 2017

SEC Issues No-Action Letter for Broker-Dealers Under New Lease Accounting Standards

Merry Christmas!

Year End: Deductibility of gifts for businesses

Year End: Liability for the .9% medicare tax

Year End: Foreign bank account reporting

Year End: Avoiding the Net Investment Income Tax

Year End: Accelerated filing deadlines for forms W-2, W-3, and Form 1099-MISC

Year End: Section 179 Expense Deduction and Bonus Depreciation

Year End: Change in return and extension due dates for C Corporations and Partnerships

Year End: Last year for contractor credit for energy efficient homes

Year End: Retirement Plan Considerations

Year End: Increase in de minimis repair amounts that may be expensed

Jimmy Rodefer: Tax tactics to enjoy a happy year-end and 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Assistant city engineer charged with diverting contractor cash refunds

IRS warns of latest email scam meant to pick your (email) pocket

Jimmy Rodefer: 8 steps to seek retirement funding peace of mind

Tips to make your OSHA exam potentially less painful

Jimmy Rodefer: Controversial disclosure rules for federal construction contractors to become law

The learning curve: IRS proposes rules changes for tuition and related expense reporting requirements

IRS's Get Transcript Online back online after hacker-induced hiatus

Jimmy Rodefer: IRS audits don’t have to be all that stressful

Constructing a construction company future with employees as owners through an ESOP

Jimmy Rodefer: Tax incentives for downtown employers through empowerment-zone credits

Hunter honored as one of Southern Indiana Business Source's 20 Under 40

Six ways to detect construction fraud

WOTC and Empowerment Zones Tax Credits

Jimmy Rodefer: Travel and entertainment expenses: Fact or fiction?

New requirements for reporting of leases means a new accounting world for affected companies

Jimmy Rodefer: Costs of Obamacare rising for businesses this year

Jimmy Rodefer: Tax day approaches, and with it Obamacare penalties

There's a safe (tax) harbor for those using annuities to sail through retirement

2016 National Outlook for Construction

Jimmy Rodefer: Avoiding Medicare Part B mistakes

Investment advisors, clients, and the Custody Rule: surprise examinations are your friend

IRS and charitable contribution rules: no you don't have to provide your SSN

Hamilton, Hubbard named Partner

There's no minimizing the de minimis safe harbor threshold increase for small business

Jimmy Rodefer: There's gold to be mined in those "tax extenders"

Update on Extender Bill

2015 Year End Tax Letter for Businesses

2015 Year End Tax Letter for Individuals

Jimmy Rodefer: Avoiding falling on our financial rear ends

Six ways your tax preparer can try to save you from nine miserable months

Overseeing the SEC-registered broker-dealer auditors: why it's good for everyone

Jimmy Rodefer: Social Security: for most Americans, the elephant in the room is a mouse

Joe Brown: Finalist for 1Si's Kevin Hammersmith Community Leader Ace Award

Ease Student Debt

Jimmy Rodefer: Now is time for year-end financial planning

A Sept 15 tax deadline is approaching; are you affected?

Jimmy Rodefer: consider long-term care insurance

Tax Amnesty for Indiana: pay it while it's not the hot-seat of back penalties and interest

A 40 percent tax will open any taxpayer's eyes

Due Date Changes Coming in 2017 for Some Tax Returns

What you need to know about minimum essential coverage - and where to go to find out more

Fear sells, but it doesn't pay

For business, a new health cost front approaches

Does Tennessee's New Cloud Computing Tax impact you?

TIS Insurance shares construction safety tips

Get ready for next year's taxes

Accounting for disaster recovery (Protect your records and hunt close with the IRS)

The U.S. tax code: how big until it's too big to not fail

Jimmy Rodefer: Common questions for accountants

The Obamacare medical device excise tax: get ready for the next round in the repeal fight

Construction costs under control: the difference between winning and losing

Another IRS scam targets over 350,000

Jimmy Rodefer: Tax-fraud identity theft continues as growth industry

529 Plans and The Cost of College: How Might These Work for You?

The Affordable Care Act and Taxes: Where to Find What You Need to Know

IRS Form 3115: the IRS takes pressure off taxpayers

The SOTU: There's a certain sameness to things that don't seem to change

Tom Brady: No Pass from IRS on his Super Bowl Tax Bill

2015 Tax Calendar

Jimmy Rodefer: IRS Sailing Into Tax Season by Sending Budgetary SOS

Kentucky Small Business Tax Credit

Tax Extender Passage Encourages Early Tax Return Filing

Construction Project Accounting: Must-Dos To Avoid Uh-Ohs

Lacking Effective Internal Controls? Prepare for External Grief

Jimmy Rodefer: As rule deadlines pass, banks and businesses wait for Dodd-Frank impact

2014 Year End Tax Planning Guide is Here!

Can you depreciate your manufacturing facility faster?

IRS Scams on the Rise

Jimmy Rodefer: This holiday season, taxpayers are walking in a winter limboland

Happy Thanksgiving!

Obamacare related Federal Tax Information: Is It Safe?

Construction Industry Tax Tips

ABC: Supporting our Veterans

Seminar: Alternatives to Group Insurance for Small Business

Jimmy Rodefer: ACA will make for a bumpy tax season

A New Year, New Contribution Limits for Savings Plans

The Allure of Aggressive Accounting Can Lead to All Sorts of Pain

IT: Best Practices for your Business

Obamacare and the Coming Regulatory Tsunami

U.S. Government Tries to Squash an Expensive Game of "Hopscotch"

Rodefer Moss Welcomes Reyman to Firm

Jimmy Rodefer: In M&A due diligence, let buyer beware

Avoiding Death (or at least crushing boredom) by PowerPoint

Small Business Tax Issues: Who in Washington is Listening To What?

Jimmy Rodefer: Succession planning is a must for business owners

Invasion of Inversions Leads to a Government Call to (regulatory) Arms

Southern Indiana & Louisville: Employee Outing Benefits the Staff and the Firm!

Public Companies: SEC may focus more on quality of XBRL data

Tax Bills Approved to Increase Charitable Giving

Jimmy Rodefer: MyRA accounts can help, but check the details

IRS Releases Small Business Health Insurance Tax Credits Regs

Revenue Recognition Standard Released

ICYMI: April 14, 2014

Jimmy Rodefer: Don't operate in the dark with business accounting

States of KY, IN and TN target tax-cheating software

ICYMI: March 21, 2014

Taxes and Employee Fringe Benefits

Two Tax Breaks for High Income Earners Could be Cancelled

ICYMI: March 14, 2014

New Recommendations for Government Pension Plans

State Budget Crisis Task Force: Government Transparency & Accountability

SEC Proposes Rules on Crowdfunding

State Budget Crisis Task Force Releases Final Report

Protecting your Business from Credit Card Abuse

Estate Tax Portability: What You Need to Know

Fraud and Non-Profits Series | Part 5: Non-Profit Board Protection

Who is a 'Responsible Party'?

Fraud and Non-Profits Series | Part 4: Reducing Your Exposure to Fraud

Fraud and Non-Profits Series | Part 3: Asking Questions to Uncover Fraud

Major Healthcare Changes for Those that Employ Less than 50

Rodefer Moss Welcomes Three New Partners

Fraud and Non-Profits Series | Part 2: False Reporting

Employee Benefits: Are you offering what your employees want?

Fraud and Non-Profits Series: Part 1: Misappropriation Schemes

Cost Cutting Ideas for Small Business

Fraud and Non-Profits: A Blog Series

When Uncle Sam needs money, where does he get it?

Final Regulations on Property Acquisition & Improvements

2013 Year End Tax Planning Guides

Quick Tips for Year End Charitable Contributions

Net Investment Tax Regulations Are Out

Self-Employed? What You Need to Know About the Affordable Care Act

Sales and Use Tax and the Online Retailer

Year End Planning: What to think about right NOW

As 2013 comes to a close, take another look at ATRA:

Employers, employees and the new-this-year 0.9 % Medicare tax withholding requirement

Introducing the Saver's Credit

Do you owe more money in debt than you’ve saved for retirement?

Are You Making The Same Common Mistakes?

Don't Become a Victim of Tax Identity Theft

New Reporting Options for Small and Medium Sized Entities Announced by AICPA

Fiscal Cliff Averted But What Does That Mean to You?

Bonus Depreciation Changes in 2013; How will this affect business?

Tax Planning for 2013

GASB may provide guidance on country’s financial position

Every breath you take, every medal you claim, I'll be taxing you

The Big Idea about "What's the Big Idea?!"

Tennessee Repeals Gift Tax

What's new for this tax filing season?

New Penalties for 1099s in 2012

Keep your passwords safe!

The Dancing Accountant

Five Questions to ask in your financial tune-up

IRS tax relief for disaster victims

Working on a construction job out-of-town?

Protect your company's retirement plan from an IRS attack

Make sure volunteers are covered

Luttrell joins Knoxville Rotary Club

Patent infringement analysis needs more than plausibility to support lost profits award

Court prefers expert with BV experience and better application of fair value law

Analyzing Healthcare AR: Reviewing underlying patient data is critical

Divorce courts still caught in quagmire of good will

New help for taxpayers who fall behind

National Construction Outlook: Could there be growing optimism?

Could contractors do better if they made handling claims situations a part of their method?

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