Mary K. Earhart, PLLC joins Rodefer Moss

A Virginia public accounting firm that provides nearly a quarter of Virginia’s counties with an essential accounting service has joined the regional public accounting firm Rodefer Moss & Co, PLLC. 


Mary K. Earhart, PLLC, in Greenville, Va., becomes Rodefer Moss’s seventh office in Tennessee and Virginia, and grows its employee total to more than 140. Earhart’s firm, in addition to general accounting and advisory services, has a unique niche in providing pre-audit and other advisory services to local governments, said Samuel French, Rodefer Moss President.  

Mary and her firm’s staff have developed an impressive record providing pre-audit advisory services to local governments in Virginia,” French said. “This is important work and a growth area for Rodefer Moss. The government sector, combined with the team’s other areas of expertise and similar focus on quality and client service, makes this a great fit for both of us.” 

Among the Earhart firm’s other public clients are towns, cities, authorities, boards, and commissions; and they provide other consulting services to several other counties. Earhart says she was impressed with Rodefer Moss’s range of professional services, collaborative work culture, and investment in its people.  

“My firm has been successful serving our clients for 17 years; now we can offer much more,” said Earhart. “Rodefer Moss expands our resources, brings more minds to work on client issues, and I like its corporate philosophy of ‘Listening Better, Trying Harder, and Caring More,’ because my firm has operated in much the same way.” 

“We’re excited about becoming part of the Rodefer Moss family and what it will mean for our present and future clients.”  

Tamara Greear, a Rodefer Moss partner and a leader of the firm’s government audit practice, said the addition of the Earhart firm’s skills, processes, and experience are valuable assets for Rodefer Moss. 

“As someone that has served clients in the government sector for years, the skill, processes, and experience that Mary and her team bring to our firm creates a valuable collaboration within our team,” she said. 

French said the firm’s clients are the beneficiaries of the two firms coming together. 

“One of the great benefits of two companies like ours coming together is that it expands the brainpower, experience, and abilities of both firms,” French said. “Ultimately, it’s our clients who benefit, which is the most important thing.”  


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