Rodefer Moss names executive committee to manage firm operations

“Baton has been passed,” says CEO Jimmy Rodefer.


Rodefer Moss has a new cast of leaders as its chief executive officer has passed operational responsibilities to a partnership executive committee headed by the firm’s president. 


Rodefer Moss, with more than 130 employees in six offices in Tennessee and Virginia, serves clients in construction, non-profit, government, manufacturing, tax, and multiple other fields. 


“From inception, our firm has been fueled by youthful energy and ideas, but balanced with seasoned experience,” says Jimmy Rodefer, who in his early 30s succeeded his father, Bob, as the firm’s CEO. “I still vividly remember the tutelage and wisdom we all received from Bob Rodefer and Bill Moss as we took our organization to ever-higher levels. Given the quality of leadership we’ve assembled, the time is right to do it again.  


“I’m not going away anytime soon, but the baton has been passed to this stellar group. It will be my distinct privilege to continue to share my experiences with others who are managing and growing our team. Our goal remains to possess national and international expertise while maintaining our local presence and agility,” Rodefer said.  


The firm’s president, Samuel French, who is based in Knoxville, leads the executive committee. Rodefer, as part of the transition he initiated, will retain the CEO title. However, he said, “These partners have my full confidence. My role will be advisory, when, or if, asked. Sam and the executive committee will make the decisions.” 


French said the firm’s new approach includes a brand refresh as well as the leadership reconfiguration and responsibilities.  


In the forefront of every decision is how it benefits our clients and our team members,” French said. “Our brand refresh represents the firm’s stability and forward-thinking approach, both of which support our corporate philosophy of listening better, trying harder, and caring more. The website was redesigned for the same reason: the future is here.” 


French said the firm continues to implement employee leadership and professional development programs to maximize the employee experience. 


“Our clients put their confidence in us in vitally important areas of their financial and business lives,” French said. “We owe them our best, every day. Our best is what they receive, not just in what we do for them, but how we do it. Our executive committee leadership structure will take working collaboratively to new levels, benefitting both our clients and our team members.” 


The executive committee members are:  


Along with Rodefer and French, Luttrell and Levesque are in the Knoxville office. Luttrell has a specialty in conducting broker-dealer audits, as well as for other PCAOB and SEC issuer clients. Levesque heads the firm’s mergers and acquisitions projects, business development efforts, and employee training and growth programs.  


“This is our Super Bowl team,” Rodefer said. “I’m very proud of this group, completely confident in their abilities, and look forward to seeing what they’ll accomplish for our clients and our team.” 


Rodefer Moss’s headquarters office is in Knoxville. Other offices are in Nashville, Greeneville, Johnson City and Kingsport, Tenn., and Norton, Va. 





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